VMWD is the company produce customise and bespoken window display props for all kinds of visual merchandising projects around the world.

    With our vast knowledge of material and technics,we can offer the best solution to our client.And with deeper cooperation with all kind of professional factory in China,we can produce the props with speed and quality.

    We believe in our ability to deliver a holistic and highest-level result in order to add value to your brand.

    Right now we are proud to have cultivated an impressive list of clients who consistently turn to us as their visual merchanding project partner.

    If you are willing to cooperate with our company in the near future,There's just one point which needs attention that we need to give a mutual respect.

    I hope you can repect the time and energy that we spend to your project!

    We are VMWD and we sent this message to any company that need window display props.

    We are here.

    We are waiting for your inquiry!